Friday, March 23, 2012

Soundtrack s013e07 - Long time no hear

Αν μείνουν στο συρτάρι καιρό θα σκάσουν αυτά. Ή θα σκάσεις εσύ.

Η σειρά:

You/Aurora/You/Seaside - Get Well Soon
The siren song - Thomas Feiner & Anywhen
Ashes in the snow - Mono
Jet Sex - Ghinzu
I see a darkness - Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Last night thoughts - Aaron
Accidental babies - Damien Rice
Beautiful Boyz - Cocorosie feat. Antony Hegarty
A sense of Grey - Moodi
A lady of a certain age - The Divine Comedy
Friday night - Stuart Staples
Rain on the pretty ones - Ed Harcourt
White lines - Tenderloud
This life - Perry Blake
Sycamore Feeling - Trentemoller, Marie Fisker

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Anonymous said...

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